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7 August 2002

Dear members of the Hebrew University family

A week has passed since the lives of seven staff members and students from Israel and abroad were tragically cut short.

Together with their families and loved ones, we mourn their loss and we pray for the full recovery of the dozens of people wounded in the attack.

Now, we must gather our strength and resume our work. Despite the pain and the sorrow and despite the fear and bloodshed that sadly have become a part of our lives, we must continue - teaching and conducting research, serving our students, maintaining our campuses, and furthering the university's development.

We face many challenges. In the context of today's painful realities, we must continue to maintain our position as one of the world's leading research institutes. We must continue to attract the best students from throughout Israel and the world over. We must continue - despite the impact of the economic situation on our resources - to guarantee faculty and students the proper environment and means for their academic activity.

Despite our pain and sorrow, we will meet these challenges by closing ranks and by joining together as a true family.

Professor Menachem Magidor

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